Mix Curd With These Foods And Eat..! See The Miracle..!

mix curd with these foodsWe all like yummy curd. Especially if it’s in solid shape and good smell everybody loves to eat that type of curd. That to in this summer everybody definitely eat curd as a main dish in food. In India most of the people eat curd by mixing it in rice. Not only this but also if you mix curd with these foods and eat them you can cure number of illnesses. To see the miracle benefits of curd continue to study the following tips…

1. Mix some curd with honey and eat it. This mixture cures ulcers. It’s a good medicine for you digestive tract and acts as a natural antibiotic. With this infections can also be cured in no time.

2. Take some cumin and mix it with curd and eat that mixture. It helps in reducing over weight.

3. Take some black salt and grind it to powder. Add this in curd and eat it. This cures all of your digestive problems. Acidity, gas trouble, indigestion, constipation will be gone with this remedy.

4. Add some sugar to curd and mix it well. Eat this mixture as it gives instant energy to your body. Urinary tract infections can also be cured with this one.

5. Add some grind turmeric and ginger to curd and eat that. With this pregnant woman can get folic acid as it is very much in need for them.

6. Take some bishops weed and add it to curd. Then eat that mixture. It cures toothache, tongue infection and other tongue, teeth related issues.

7. Grind some black pepper into powder and add it to curd, than eat it. This cures constipation, indgestion problems.

8. Add different types of fruits in curd and eat. With this one can increase their resistance power towards infections.

9. Mix oats in curd and eat it. It helps to build muscles.

10. Mix some orange juice in curd and eat it. It gives good form to joints and soothes pain. Reduces skin wrinkles.